Mother’s Day Wax Melt Hamper

Mother’s Day Wax Melt Hamper

Our melt hamper will come with 3 scent options. Each hamper has a wax warmer, tea lights, M&S chocolate, a Peacock and Feather heart shaped resin keyring and 4 rose shaped melts made from our Luxury Coconut and Rapeseed Wax. 

** heart wax warmers are now out of stock, tear drops still available **

The scent options are

Perfume, these melts will contain dried rose petals- Flower Bomb- Mademoiselle- La Vie Est Belle- Miss Million

Fruits- Thai Lime and Mango- Cucumber and Melon- Pina Colada- Coconut

Laundry- Fresh- Spring- Lavish- BlissYou’re also welcome to request a colour of the wax warmer for your order.

Please note each melt will but individually wrapped in cellophane with the CLP attached. 

The hamper will also have cellophane  over the exterior

Our plan is to send the Mother’s Day hampers the Monday before with a sticker saying not to open until Sunday.

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